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The Underground White House

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5/12/06 10:19 pm - sulfurdust - ending of the year

so, another school year is ending. it happens every year, always has. but now it is becoming different. there is only going to be one more year left to have an end. freshman year, there was a bench in the lobby close to the office. it started with 4 people sitting there, and gradually more and more people came until it became the largest gathering spot for people in the morning. we were all friends then. we all liked each other(for the most part). the year ended, a new one started. sophomore year we all met up at the bench for maybe half the year and then slowly one by one people started leaving. we still saw each other and waved sometimes. that year ended, junior year started. it was noticeable that a big group of real friends didnt exist anymore. sometimes we encounter each other still, and some of those times we still wave or smile. whats going to happen next year? each year of high school has gone by faster than the year before...if things continue next year will end and we will split off to different parts of the state or country, chances of running into one another to wave or smile and talk become significantly lower. one day we will think back and remember these paople, and then another day, we wont. when i was little i never imagined life not in school, being grown up, or not regularly seeing the people im with on a daily basis.
i remember when everybody had one of these livejournals. we all talked to each other constantly. so for anyone who i used to talk to and remembers me, just letting you know i remember all of you. i dont see the future bringing us all back together at any point in time right now or at least any time soon. maybe its just me, maybe ive just placed myself further away and nobody else feels this way. well, later

8/16/05 08:56 am - sulfurdust

ok. we are still here. just busy.
first order of business-build this fountain
second order of business-find a way to make money at school

mission one- get the bench back to stay.
do whatever it takes, just get it there and keep it there.


3/19/05 06:09 pm - sulfurdust

ok, because of the fact that most of our missons are to occur only in extreme situations, we have not been doing much lately. some how we need to find a few things:
~normal ways of obtaining money
~a set of rules to go by
~places to be

most of our "jobs" can not be done until we have our own independent transportation. so, till later

12/24/04 11:32 am - sulfurdust

ok, we have got to keep up with our projects a little better than we are now. to do that, we need to decide what they are. leave some input on something you would like to see us accomplish, and be serious about it.
Tony Mangum/Secretary of Defense

12/14/04 06:54 pm - sulfurdust - staff

so far to my knowledge, the Vigilante Govt staff is:

President: R.Thigpen
(First Lady): R.Hall
Vice President: D.Weibke
Speaker of the House: W.Kapherr
Secretary of Defense: A.Mangum

to my knowledge, this is all. to join, you have to type a Declaration of 1)Intention...
2)Name: (last) (first) (aka)
3)Reason you want to be a member: (at least one full paragraph)
4)Position you want to obtain: (you must be a non-officer until a 3/5 vote enrolls you)(waiting time will run from one to two weeks...if you are suitable)

thank you for your application(if you applied)

Tony Mangum/Secretary of Defense

11/24/04 04:23 pm - sulfurdust - the US and its underlying government

This is a community meant for the meeting, conversing, and planning of the underground government for the United States. It is pretty much for people who are already aquainted with the moderators and are already informed of our purposes. still, feel free to send in and informational page and it will be reviewed and you may be added. later
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